Hi! My name is Jennifer Sarino and I am so excited you have landed on my blog. This writing and speaking adventure officially began 1 year ago, but I have been writing since I was a little girl. From creative stories, to poems to journal entries. The written word has given me a way to say what I wasn’t able to speak. I do love all of the arts.  Always finding myself in some type of creative project. Whether I’m teaching the parts of the theater to my 6th graders, directing a musical, doing makeup for a beautiful bride, writing, or creating art with my 8 year old twin boys: my life is spent in and with the artsy types. Once a creative, always a creative. My imagination has allowed me to escape painful times that now have become the fuel for my most passionate writing. Learning to walk towards pain has been a new skill that I am learning to cultivate. Not to revel in sad or pity. More of an authentic awareness of what is real. You cannot live this life without pain. To act like it doesn’t exist, is denying a part of yourself. Pushing aside the very thing that can help us become humble, and more like Christ. It’s the crushing of us that God uses to bring us to a place where we can listen. We are emptied of ourselves so that we can be filled with the gifts of grace, peace, love and joy that He is so willing to pour out in overflow.  Authentic living doesn’t mean I am perfect. It is the opposite. I am willing to look at what is real. The real parts of me are weak and desperate for a Savior.  I want to follow Him with my eyes open to the Truth. Knowing Him more deeply. I hope that others will take that journey with me.



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